March 16th, 17th & 18th
What a absolutely beautiful weekend. Temperature records have been falling all over the State and this weekend was no exception. Shorts and Flip-Flops were in order. It was in the high 70's all three days in the middle of March. Don't worry, it isn't global warming, it snowed like crazy in Arizona. We didn't have a lot of folks there like we had in past years, but the Creekwood Shooters that did go kicked some butt. Maybe next year we will kick it up a notch. These are the pictures I took with the camera not on the right setting and I apologize for the quality, but they are all I have. The good thing is, there is a lot of room for improvement. Maybe Paul Calleri or Paul Shaver will feel sorry for me and send some great pictures to put up. If anyone sends me pictures of the event, I will post them, or if you want one of these, E-Mail me at ben@creekwoodarchery.com.

           This is a range upstairs where you can practice, and we did. It is a real nice facility.
This is Christopher's, our home away from home. Josh & Holly Sidebottom told us how neet this place is, and they were right. It is a fun place and the food is awsome.
This was breakfast Saturday morning at The Neptune Dinner. Chrissy is eating her mouse which had a chocalate tail, Choclate Moose guts sitting on a brownie and then all covered with chocolate and sliced almond ears. I brought one home for Marcia. Happy St. Pactrics D

This is the main range downstairs where everybody competed Saturday on the Vegas face 3 Spot or Single Spot Target in the NYS Indoor Championship. The following day on Sunday we shot the NFAA 5 Spot or Single Spot Blue Face in The Classic. Both events were run top notch.

The Cubs and Youth were on the right side of the range and the Young Adults and Adults were on the rest of the range.

The Boys and Girls Club in Oneonta is a great facility. There are lots of good places to stay and get fatter restaurants to eat at.

Ricky Smith sitting above, is a brand new PRO SHOOTER from Creekwood. He shot the only perfect 450 score in the State Championship. He and his fiancée Chrissy are getting married in August. Watch for Chrissy next year shooting a bow my wife won States with.

Before the Saturday night Awards, we went to Christopher's to celebrate, drank some Guinness, talked and joked, followed by dinner where we ate some great fat pills. They have some really good food. I think I need to have Guinness to sponsor Creekwood.

Then we were off to the Awards Ceremony at The Holiday Inn.

Above is Tracy Neal the father of Samantha (Sam) Neal our new Director of NYFAB in archery. Sam was brought up in the sport, has been a PRO for a couple years and will do a great job in her new position.

Then we have Mr. Ron Coyle winning Best IN STYLE and 1st Place in The Master Senior Class. As you all know, Ron has been a person ay Creekwood who could not be replaced. He is my shooting partner, a good friend and this year the transportation provider for the older than him, one legged curmudgeon.

Above is Jim Cushman, also a friend, who took 2nd Place in MSMFS, (my Class).

Above is Diane Calleri, who shot Peanut Butter, (Personal Best) and I took 3rd Place MSMFS.

Ricky Smith shot the highest score in the Tournament and also recieved The NYS Award for shooting The Biggest Buck in NYS. What a night for Ricky. I am so proud to know him, have him as a friend, and to work with him at Creekwood for so many years.

After the awards we went back to Christopher's for a night-cap and to reflect on a great day at the NYS Championships. This ends the first day of competition.
 (:>)       {;>)        [:-)        (;-}        (:>)

        Day Two - THE CLASSIC
Breakfast at the Neptune Dinner again, where we gave Bob Bryan his award from Saturdays State Championship.   LIFE  IS  GOOD !

On Sunday there was a 7:30, 10:30 & 1:30 shooting line, which makes for a real long day for the people running the shoot.

These are the two winning Pros for Sunday, Samantha Neal, our new
                  LIFE  IS  GOOD !      
            AND SEE YA! IN 2013